Rex Burgher

After encountering the Holy Spirit powerfully in 1995, Rex and his wife Lois returned to their church in Northwest Montana and became instrumental in starting weekly revival meetings there. Seeking a better understanding of the effects of revival on the church led Rex to travel with Randy Clark as his personal assistant for three years. This enabled him to study the effects of the current outpouring, minister alongside the leaders in this revival, and meet leaders of past revivals.

Since 2002, Rex and Lois have been traveling to churches around the world speaking and leading seminars on topics such as healing, revival and the Father heart of God. The fire of revival has not waned in their lives, and it is not unusual for signs and wonders to accompany their meetings. They especially love to stir up the gifts of the Spirit in others through the laying on of hands.

Rex brings understanding and insight into the challenges associated with revival when it comes upon a church. Sharing a vast knowledge of past revivals and their effects, bringing a loving understanding to many people who have been touched or not touched by this current outpouring. Many are impressed by his accessibility, warmth, compassion and easy style of speaking. His listeners feel encouraged, loved and accepted as he imparts a desire to overcome the problems of life by looking toward the future and not living in the past.