VOA Kids


A highlight of the Voice of the Apostles conference is the VOA Kids program. Kids from all over the world come to enjoy a time of learning, worshipping, and participating in various activities. We have seen the children in VOA Kids hunger to go after God. We have seen them respond to impartation in a heart-touching way. We have seen them reach out through prophetic art to bless the conference attendees. It has been a joy to see them worshipping, ministering to each other, learning, laughing, and enjoying the presence of the Lord. This is a priceless opportunity for your child to be forever changed in their faith journey.

This year we are offering two different registration options for the VOA Kids program. The first option is to register your kids for the whole program, which is mornings and evenings. The second option is to register them for just the evening portion of the program. In the afternoon children are welcome to attend the adult breakout sessions with you at no additional cost.

The children’s program is conveniently located in the Grand Ballroom which is one floor above the general sessions. To ensure your children’s safety, all of the speakers and volunteers have been screened. We have the best security check-in / check-out system available with additional preventative security officers on the children’s floor. Children are subdivided into smaller “classes” and identified by a group color. These color-coded classes are used for smaller group teaching and game activities. VOA Kids registration is now closed. No on-site VOA Kids registrations are allowed.

Topics Covered

Morning Topics

  • Tuesday: Healing
  • Wednesday: Generosity
  • Thursday: Forgiveness
  • Friday: Armor of God



Speakers & Worship

Evening Session Speakers

  • Dr. Heidi Baker

  • Will Hart



We’ve sold out! Registration is now closed.


Morning Sessions     Evening Sessions  
 Check-in Opens  9:00 AM Check-in Opens   6:30 PM
 Pick-up  12:00 PM  Pick-up  10:00 PM